Northern Lights Pack

New!!  The Northern Lights Pack lets you create a Northern Lights experience using beautiful textured ice lanterns, LED lights and sheets of Iridescent Mylar!

The Northern Lights are known for their magical displays of greens, oranges and pinks in the night sky. Most of us are not at a latitude that allows for in person viewing, but with the Northern Lights Pack, you can make an icy colorful display that evokes that beauty and wonder in your corner of the world.

And don't forget - you can follow ancient traditions and light the with candles as well!

The Northern Lights Pack contains:

  • One Fluted 5-Gallon Ice Lantern Mold which creates large textured ice lanterns.
  • Two waterproof, battery-operated LED Lights and a remote which produces 16 colors using 4 utility modes 

  • Two sheets of iridescent Mylar that helps create the Northern Lights effect! 

  • Plus a fully-illustrated instruction guide will walk you through the ways to use the LED Lights and Mylar inside the ice lantern to create the color-changing effect of the Northern Lights.

  • Makes the perfect gift - packaged in a compact kraft box (about 8.5" x 5.5" x 3") for ease of shipping to your favorite nature lover!

For even more fun, look at our Ice Luminary Magic "Fun with Ice" Deluxe pack which includes the Fluted Ice Lantern Mold (smaller size) and "The Bucket" Ice Lantern Mold.