Globe Ice Lantern Vase for Spring!

Jennifer Shea Hedberg | 26 February, 2016

Springtime Centerpiece Globe Ice Lantern Wintercraft Ice Wrangler

Grocery stores are tempting us with visions of spring with tulips and other springtime flowers -- so give in to temptation! Buy some colorful cheer, but for a seamless transition, consider displaying your bouquet in a Globe Ice Lantern Vase! Yes, I said vase. An upside-down Globe Ice Lantern makes a wonderful crystal vase where the flowers are fed cold water as the ice melts.


Its really quite simple!


Start with Globe Ice Lantern Spring Globe Ice Lantern Centerpiece Wintercraft Ice Wrangler

Make a fresh Globe Ice Lantern outside if its still cold where you are, or in your freezer if Mother Nature has started to melt your winter world. (If you have a stash of Globe Ice Lanterns in your freezer or snowbank, this is a perfect reason to pull one out!)


Flip it over Globe Ice Lantern Tulip Centerpiece Wintercraft Ice Wrangler

(You can also use a Globe Ice Lantern that has HAD a candle in it so the chimney is large.)


Add Flowers to Spring Globe Ice Lantern Centerpiece

You see, its really that simple. Do NOT use a candle with this idea, but you can put a waterproof LED inside or under the vase if you desire. 


Enjoy the Glow!

-- Jennifer Shea Hedberg, The Ice Wrangler


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