Cold Hands, Warm Heart

Tom Hedberg | 03 December, 2020

It’s a curious saying: “Cold hands, warm heart.” It proposes that people whose hands are usually cold actually have kind and loving personalities.

Well, . . . if that were true, I was a much kinder person before I found these Amazing Cold Weather Gloves!

I have spent the better part of my life suffering with cold, aching hands because I was engrossed in doing something I loved -  playing with ice - cold, wet ice.

But that all changed last year, when my husband found and acquired a sample pair of gloves that claimed to be the perfect winter work glove. I decided to use them for the winter and see for myself.

I will NEVER go back to my old plan (thin wool liners inside dishwashing gloves) which is a good idea in a pinch, but these new gloves are truly unbelievable!

They are a smurfy BLUE, but otherwise, they are THIN so I can do some impressive drill manuevering with my gloves on! They are lined with FUZZY warmness that doesn't come loose so one finger can bunch up - nice!

The wrist area is a bit open to make putting the glove on and off very easy, but snow and ice can find its way inside the glove. To counter this and seal in the warmth, I take an old pair of themal socks that have big holes in the toe or heel and cut off the just the cuffs (part that hugs the ankle). I put the sock cuffs on first and then the GREAT GLOVES. The thermal sock cuffs seal my hands from getting wet and keep my wrists warm. Perfect.

I love them so much we decided to SELL them on our website!

They run small, so we are going to them on our website in Large and Extra Large only. I have used both L and XL sizes with the thermal sock cuffs and both will work for me. (My hands are 7" from the heel of my hand to the tip of my middle finger.)

An example of how well these gloves work - I just installed my first set of "Ice Glass Pools" in my front yard.

I went out at 5 this morning with my beautiful blue gloves to dip my hands into the pools and extract the organic shards of ice to mix in with my globe ice lanterns for a holiday party installation this weekend. Twenty-six pieces of "Ice Glass" and Nine "Ice Spires"  later, my hands are WARM. Yes, warm!

I am trying to sound rational so you will take me seriously. After working for hours with water in the cold, my hands were WARM!

If you play or work with ice/snow, consider getting a pair of these new Amazing Gloves for yourself . . . or for someone you love!

This Ice Glass is ready to be installed and lit up with candles! My quota of exclamation points has been used up, so I will conclude by saying:

Enjoy the glow . . .


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