Celebrate Spring with Wintercraft

Jennifer Shea Hedberg | 08 April, 2014

Many of you know that Globe Ice Lanterns add magic to festivities on a dark winter night. But step outside that logical comfort zone for a second and see how beautiful, purposeful and, yes, surprising a Globe Ice Lantern can light up celebrations at any time of year.

Easter is right around the corner and it brings bright colors and hope for a fresh start. Whether your Spring celebration is centered around a religious belief or the well deserved change from cold weather, it is a time of year that breathes new life into all of us.

As a Fine Arts major, when I think of visuals for celebrations, my mind leaps to ancient images that have been handed down from one generation to the next. For me, a Globe Ice Lantern in a centerpiece can be more than a surprising and beautiful focal point, it can be a symbol.

At this time of year, what are some things we think of? Green grass, chicks, rabbits, and . . . eggs. For me, a Globe Ice Lantern nestled in spring flowers can be a big beautiful egg ready to break open and send its light and life into the world.

In addition to Easter, there are numerous celebrations around the world at this time of year. Many honor the spring equinox (or the autumnal equinox for our southern neighbors) which is one of two centerpoints between the longest and shortest days of the year and a pivot point for another season. For that reason, many celebrations naturally occur that look to the sun or the natural seasonal elements for symbology. Therefore, the Sun, or more simply, Light is at the center of most of these events.

So, a Globe Ice Lantern can be put on a raft and allowed to float "to the other shore" to symbolize enlightenment during Higan which is celebrated twice a year in Japan. A candle inside a Globe Ice Lantern could radiate light and happiness on a Haft-seen table during a Nowruz New Years celebration in Iran. Or, colored lights inside a group of Globe Ice Lanterns can add surprising color to a "bonfire" of light during the Hindu Festival of Colours called Holi.
Whatever holiday you are celebrating, look to Globe Ice Lanterns to light the way. Remember, Globe Ice Lanterns can be made in a freezer any time of year!


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