2016 Wintercraft Photo Contest Results!

Jennifer Shea Hedberg | 04 May, 2016

Wintercraft Creativity Award for the 2016 Photo Contest

The Results are in . . .

So many entries! We will get the the GRAND PRIZE in just a minute . . .


Creativity Award

 . . . but first, our new "Creativity Award" offered the judges a puzzle . . . Should the prize go to someone with the best technical photo or to the person with the most creative ice creation? Good question.


Fortunately, ice lantern enthusiasts Mary Arneson and Dale Hammerschmidt helped us out. For the last several winters, this husband and wife team have made many, many ice lanterns and have helped at the Middlemoon Creekwalk for the last 2 years. But it was Mary's "Arare" Globe Ice Lantern that caught the judges attention. The fact that Dale captured a photo of it, sealed the deal. So there you go, the simple answer to the perplexing problem - team winners! And she has agreed to put the how-to into Ice Luminary Magic, our book about ice lanterns that will be released later this year.

 Wintercraft Photo Contest 2016 Creativity Award


Honorable Mention for Creativity

We would feel remiss if we did not do a shout out to Becky Stolinas. If we had offered an award for the MOST PASSIONATE ICE LANTERN CREATOR, it would have gone to Becky. I believe this is her first year making ice lanterns and with 6 photo submissions showing amazing experimental work, we are quite excited to see what new she'll come up with next season! Check out the square ice lantern - extremely fun!

Becky Stolinas Honorary Mention Wintercraft 2016 Photo Contest


First Place Indoor

The 1st place award for Indoor shots goes to by Tracey Haun of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA who really loves taking closeup photos of the Globe Ice Lanterns that she has made. All the better to see the magical nuances! This lantern appears to have been melting so that rivers of water etched the ice. With the candle behind it, all those lines reflect the light. Beautiful!

Wintercraft Photo Contest 2016 1st Place Indoor Winning Photo by Tracey Haun of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

First Place Outdoor

The 1st place award for Outdoor Shots has been awarded to Stephen L. Garrett who is a recent transplant to Minnesota from North Carolina. As a professional photographer and videographer, when he learned of the Middlemoon Creekwalk, he came and brought his camera! He captured a photo of a globe ice lantern that we had hung next to the creek with one of our fishline macrame nets. Because he came at dusk or the "blue hour", the architecture of the globe can be seen as well as the glow of the candle. Beautiful shot!



And finally, the Grand Prize . . .

The year the judges almost unanimously chose a photo taken by Thea Schmidt of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.  She snapped this photo with her camera phone and posted it to Instagram where I found it and reposted! I don't know if she did any retouching, but the color is fantastic and the quintessential beauty of a Globe Ice Lantern came shining through. Congratulations Thea!

Wintercraft Photo Contest 2016 Grand Prize Winning Photo by Thea Schmidt of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA



A final word . . .

Thanks to our inclusive rules which enters photos posted of Globe Ice Lanterns on the Wintercraft Facebook page, Instagram or are sent directly by email, we had scores of entries to peruse for 2016. The directive was given to the judges to vote for photos that "captured the magic and beauty of Globe Ice Lanterns" and I think you will agree that these photos do just that.  The exciting news is that next year we will be expanding the contest to also include additional categories featuring other shapes of ice lanterns.  Stay tuned for details . . in the meantime, have a wonderful summer!

Congratulations to all the winners!


Enjoy the Glow!

Jennifer Shea Hedberg - The Ice Wrangler



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