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What is a Custom Ice Luminary Creation?

Wintercraft® Custom Ice Luminary Creations are ice lanterns in all shapes and sizes incorporating globe and bucket ice lanterns and/or organically-shaped ice glass. Lit with candles or LED lights, and these custom creations can be used inside or out and can also be mixed with greens or flowers. A globe can be delivered to the front step of loved one for a personal celebration or an elaborate display of multiple globes and ice glass can be created based on your needs and desires.

Please contact us with your ideas for incorporating Wintercraft® Custom Ice Luminary Creations into your memorable event.  We can assist with most any size event.   Please contact us well ahead of time for weekends as we tend to book up well in advance on the busiest times.  Although we're happy to drive or fly in for your event (extra charges do apply), the majority of our custom installations are in the Minneapolis-St Paul area.  Over time, we'll be setting up a network of official Wintercraft professionals in other areas, so stay tuned.  For the Minneapolis/St Paul area, installations start at $250. In addition, we sell finished globes ($15 small, $30 large and $50 X-Large) for pick-up or delivery that one can set-up on their own.

Weddings - Ice Lanterns are a spectacular addition to a winter wedding. Small globes lining the entrance with large globes or sculptures adding a focal point by the doors. Centerpieces on every table act as gazing balls for your guests—they evolve and change throughout the event. A large globe dresses up a food and/or dessert table. Implementing one or more of these ideas will add an element of magic that will be remembered by all.

Winter Nighttime Festivals - Ice Luminary sculptures can be made in one large spectacular group or they can be scattered throughout an event to add charm to every corner.

Private or Corporate Functions - As with weddings, ice lanterns and luminary sculptures can put an element of elegance and beauty to any private function that celebrates life’s milestones—birthdays, retirement, anniversaries, funerals or . . .

Winter Solstice or any Winter Holiday Party - The return of light and/or the use of candles as a symbol is the common thread that links most of the holidays during the winter months. It is easy to see, therefore, how ice lanterns can be incorporated into holiday gathering to bolster old traditions or create new ones.

Chanukah (Hanukkah) - A beautiful new tradition for celebrating this ancient festival of lights is to create a Menorah (Hanukia) with 9 globe ice lanterns - one for each of the 8 days plus a shamash. If a blue glow is desired, little blue string lights or blue LED lights can be used in lieu of standard candles.

Birthdays - As a new and special birthday surprise, a lit ice globe can be delivered to any doorstep in the Twin Cities area. An bag of extra candles, matches + a note card can be added.

Memorials - Globe ice lanterns are a wonderful way to remember and honor the departed during Christmas. It is a cherished Finnish tradition to place “ice candles” or ice lanterns on the graves of loved ones in the cemetery on Christmas Eve. This beautiful tradition can be extended to include New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or to commemorate the day of passing.

Hostess Gifts - Going to a Holiday party? Have a globe delivered to the hostess’ door as a hostess gift. This idea is sure to surprise and delight.

Valentine’s Day - Surprise your valentine with a beautiful globe ice lantern lit with a red candle and nested in red roses - WOW!