Teardrop Ice Lantern Balloons

Order the number you want or a 10 and 25 Balloon Pack are also available.  Purchase more and save.

Our field-tested, heavy-duty Teardrop Balloons are worth every penny! They are made by the same high quality balloon company as our Globe Ice Lantern Balloons. When we receive a shipment of balloons to include in our kits, we take great pains to sort for rubber thickness and defects. The strongest of the balloons go into our Globe Ice Lantern Kits, the ones with slight defects go in our Irregular Balloon packs and the ones that are thinner go into the Teardrop Ice Lantern Balloon packs. These balloons will be the traditional Wintercraft green color and be made of strong, heavy-duty rubber, but their shape can easily be altered by hanging the balloon while freezing or putting them into buckets. etc.

Teardrop shaped ice lanterns are great for all sorts of projects found in the Ice Luminary Magic book. These balloons can be used to make great ice lanterns to be hung in macrame nets, the centers of ice flowers, as well as they make perfect turrets for the tops of ice castle towers. For more information on which Ice Luminary Magic projects use Teardrop Ice Lantern balloons, see book pages 83, 87, 91, 169 and 199. 

Ships in a soft pack, not in retail packaging. Instructions, Reusable Balloon-shaping Freezing Bases and Insulating Disks not included (Instructions are in the Ice Luminary Magic book). Balloons are made of Natural Rubber Latex which may cause allergic reaction. Adult supervision required. Made in USA.