Replacement Balloons (Irregular)

Order the number you want or a 25 Balloon Pack is also available.  Just use the pull down menu to choose this option.

Our Irregular Replacement Balloons generally have same structural quality of our standard replacement balloons, although some may be at risk of issues due to malformations. We have used our best judgement that they will work well, however, some may give a poor result. In essence, they are "2nds". The Wintercraft logo may have been compromised during printing, they may vary in shade and/or color or they may have cosmetic flaws. Some may appear quite disfigured. Read about our balloon quality here.

Our regular replacement balloons are field-tested, biodegradable and worth every penny. They are the only ones we use! They consistently produce beautiful spheres of ice (unlike common balloons that tend to burst or freeze into unattractive shapes). The balloons included can be used to make both small and large ice lanterns when used with the related Wintercraft Freezing Base (small) or (large). Beautiful ice luminaries are easy-to-make with these balloons and the Wintercraft system.

Ships in plastic bag, not in retail packaging. Instructions, Reusable Freezing Bases, Insulating Disks not included (Instructions are in kits). Balloons are made of Natural Rubber Latex which may cause allergic reaction. Adult supervision required. Made in USA.