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Masks by Jen

Shop here for a comfortable, lightweight, breathable NON-MEDICAL GRADE face mask - made with love by the Ice Wrangler!

Selling masks. During the Covid-19 confinement, I've started experimenting with making masks. People seem to like the ones I made, so I am testing out a side gig of selling my mask creations. As soon as the weather turns better (below 32°F) I will start to wrangle ice instead of fabric. 

The fabric. I have repurposed beautiful used clothing into amazingly comfortable, breathable face masks. I also found some beautiful fabrics online and from local boutique fabric stores, too. 100% cotton, linen, or silk. See fabric options.

The pattern. I make structured masks that stays in place and have a continuous front panel that keeps the mask away from your nose and mouth. This creates a gigantic breathing and talking space. Need to wear a mask at work where you will be talking all the time? This mask is for you!

Bindings. Each mask comes with elastic ear loops. I have added a strip of stretch fabric and a bead to make the mask adjustable. And because you never know when you will need to pop on a mask, that strip of stretchable fabric allows you to wear your mask around your neck so it's always on hand. A premium binding option is available.

When ordering online (above), enter the names of the fabrics you would like in the notes area of the order form. 

Order by email: Contact Jen at jh at and given her the info

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